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The official online virtual gallery of bulgarian artist Alexandra Duhlinska. Beautiful collection of modern art and hand-made modern drawings and printmakings for sale. Here you can buy original drawings with pastel, watercolor and mixed media. Also prints of her already sold works.

Buy landscape, cityscape, bodies and portraits for your home or office. Great awesome collections of lithograph, linocut, dry points, engravings and mezzotint. She has been selling in more than 30 countries around the world. They are a great gift for you directly from the Alexandra Duhlinska’ studio.  My art is sold world-wide. Buy directly from the artist!

My friends, welcome to my original world

My beloved fans of my Artworks and drawings, all of you who likes Art as I do, first I would like to thank you for your appreciation of all my ideas and compositions, for those lovely positive attitudes toward my wonderful Art moments and everything that actually impresses me and makes our world more human and earthy and less empty. Can’t thank you enough for your most warmest feedback and words in your emails. I am blesses with the opportunity my original artworks to please you every single day and makes your life more beautiful, light and smiley! I adore you all! Thank you!

Original Pastel drawings with soft pastels - bodies and figures

Pastels drawings

Original Watercolor paintings landscapes, sityscapes and urbam scene

Watercolor paintings

Original Prints on canvas and paper abstract, landscape, urban

Prints on canvas

Prinys on quality paper landscapes, abstrakt

Prints on paper








Please, do allow me to share with all of you a fairytale of ideas began to show up long ago in my very early paintings and drawings. Ideas of revelation and inspiration come to me about 15 years ago for the very first time. To clarify I started to realize that reproduction of my thoughts onto paper or canvas does excites me very much.

Original Mixed media drawings - ink, graphite, acrylic

Mixed media

Original Printmakings - lithography, linocut, mezzotint, drypoint


Original Large drawings pensil and mixed media

Large drawings

Large abstract drawings mixed media

Large abstract








All my life I was inspired by certain original ideas, shapes and forms, landscapes, feelings and architecture. During all these years, all kinds of sources of my inspiration are still alive and bright. I am amused by magic of Krakow at days and nights, the town I live now, city glimmers, all lights and lanterns, also the amazing colors of nature.
That is to say my perception is quite different now but still fresh and ready to be recreated onto the Art surface.

At one point I have decided to start giving a second chance

to my earliest original artworks. Indeed after so many years I can see all details of my drawings in a different way. Ideas and inspiration are eternal. In other words details and colors whisper to me different words now. Moreover my present artworks have very similar ideas to my first art steps, but they are now more mature and well-shaped and thoughtfully created, and also you and I are different people today. Also I would like to share with you exactly that mood of new thoughts and emotions, my feelings of how I live now, dimensions, experiences of this very present moment. Today, not yesterday, but today.

That is why isn’t it obvious I am so very romantic and I can not possibly get into any frames. As a result of it all my new paintings and drawings can not be called new but based on old experience with fresh new shapes and forms.

I always draw my favorite subjects, themes, feelings and emotions

landscapes or other kind forms. And trying that I use this process of reincarnation or call it recreation to show the world how I see our development as humans and as people.

to express my new life experience, my new deeply hidden human artistic secrets. As I draw I help other people to find their personal answers of what they are looking for.

Just close your eyes and stop for a moment. Take a walk with me in the sleeping beauty of all my drawn dreams and Krakow cityscapes. To sum up look around and find out beauty, calmness and inspiration in every little detail, color, shade I am giving you. Put way your laptop for a while and turn off your phone. Try to learn how to breathe again, inhale the aroma of Art, wet leaves, rain, joy, mystery, secrets and of body shapes.

Forget about tomorrow, forget about all troubles, stress and even home chores.

In short fly with me to a distant world, where there is no such hurry, where there is balance and harmony, where is warm and safe. on my website are authentic, my original drawing arts are performed by my favorite drawing techniques – pencil, pastel, watercolor and mixed media. Enjoy my personal new vision of art and living inspiration.

I am revealing to you a part of me and my love to the world of Art

which stays untouched for so many years.Above all reflections of thoughts and feelings surrounding me every single day will bring to you a bridge of endless eye pleasure. Furthermore this Art comes to you and only you but also to your future generations which are going to see it in the light of new perspective, new way of living and thinking.

Therefore I encourage everyone to have a look into my huble online art home. I create original drawings and artworks. Certainly as I am growing older I strive for the very best of me for no one knows how long is the human living path and due that fact we need to be full of value as much as possible.


So I have ordered from this artist previously and am so impressed with the lightness of her drawings. When I took it to be framed, the framer commented on how lovely the picture was! Many thanks!

Tracy Margetts, UK

Hi Alexandra, thanks so much for sending the “Man of sorrows.” It arrived well and I am so glad to have it. Also thanks for the little included gift. I enjoy your work very much! I am a composer, and have a “poor man’s” art collection. Very pleased to add you to it. Best wishes.

Jeffry Gall, USA

Amazingly talented artist! Always fast shipment, friendly and kind! Excellent packing, fast shipping! Excellent drawing by a talented artist! Will be back for more! Perfect transaction! Lovely painting, friendly communication! Highly recommended!

Galya Bukova, Bulgaria

I love this painting. It makes the world better.

Mauricio Santander Vega, Chile

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