Original Modern Abstract Surreal Paintings, Drawings, Graphics, Prints

Original Modern Abstract Surreal

Paintings, Drawings, Graphics and Prints

Official virtual online gallery of Fine Art


Portrait of fine art artist Alexabdra DuhkunskaBulgarian artist Alexandra Duhlinska offers you here her wonderful official virtual online gallery of original Fine Arts. Modern art and hand-made beautiful collections of drawings and graphics for sale! Original moderndrawings of watercolor, mixed media, pencil and pastel you can buy here! We offer you also abstract surreal prints of already sold artworks. So you can enjoy every bid of the steps you make here in this online Fine Art gallery! Find your own suitable Art either for a wonderful gift or having it as decoration for your lovely home or office!

Are you looking abstract original Paintings, Drawings, Graphics and Prints?

We can give you the chance to buy an unique original Art and be proud of your choice! Buy a variety of amazing cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, nude sketches and abstract images! Get deep in the world of Art! Feel relaxed while you are in a search of your very best high-quality painting. Take a moment of silent contemplation and restore your emotional world. Suitable for every taste and purse!

Awesome collections of dry points, lithographs, linocuts, engravings and mezzotint. Limited editions with no analogue all around the world. Get your choice here and now! Make your family and friends happy! Offering you here not only best quality but a very smooth comunication and purchase transaction.

I have been selling in more than 30 countries worldwide. Paintings, drawings, prints and printmakings – all packed carefully and safely. All paintings are created using high-quality canvases, paper and paints. All paintings and drawings are coated with varnish to protect them against light and dust for many years of enjoyment. Throughout Aleksandra’s entire career, we have kept a 100% positive feedbacks rating of satisfied customers. All artworks offered here are a great gift for you and your love ones directly from Alexandra Duhlinska’ studio. My art is sold world-wide! Buy directly from the artist!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


Thank you Alexandra! You are very talented! I was very happy to receive this beautiful art!\

Shane Sanfilippo, Australia

For sure beautiful artworks and thank you very much for the lovely gift! Beautiful artwork!

Tiago Romeiras, Prtugal

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©2020 All images are copyright of Alexandra Duhlinska. They may not be downloaded, modified, altered or sold without the express written permission of the artist.


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