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Hello, everyone!

Bulgarian artist Alexandra DuhlinskaI am coming from a small town in the north part of Bulagria – Pleven town. Rich history of my born place helped me to enlarge my knowledge about Fine Art of my country and worldwide as well. Because of this I have been attracted so much to Philosophy, Fine Art and Art Histoty since school age. As the years follows my decision to be an artist and dedicate my whole life to Art became logically. As a result a couple of years before the beginnig of my education in ‘St St Cyril and Methodius” University I moved to Veliko Tarnovo town, Bulgaria. I spent there the most wonderful ten years of my life. So grateful to be part of such beautifull town where I found so many good friends for life.
I have been living in Krakow, Poland for three years now. Yet another amazing and adventurous page of my art life!
Considering that I have such a wonderful gift made me feel so lucky. There are many ways to express yourself. I have the chance of doing it by visual Arts! Therefore I have been improving my skills in the best way I possibly can. So an inseparable part of my life become creating Art. Drawings, print graphics and abstract art images became instruments to express my thoughts and ideas for life. Due to the fact I indeed liked to draw with pencils, pen, ink or charcoals, I chose my subject to be Graphics and Printmaking. Printmaking is actually a group of different types of hand-made unique print techniques. It learnt me to be patient, disciplined, accurate in executing prints. Moveover it learnt me to unite my physical and emotional energy in one.
Contemplating a painting or a drawing gives us the chance to escape in another reality. A chance to cope with all our problems that we so desperatelly need nowadays. And I have tried to process you with that opportunity. Human soul is deep, elaborate, hard for understanding. But if only I’ve succeeded to touch yours for a moment with my Art that could be a great success for me.
Every person on this planet should keep himself busy with Art. It doesn’t matter what kind of Art we are talking about. Art in its core educates mind and soul. Art’s moral measures should also be unwritten universal human measures. That is how we could be able to create love and goodness!

My exhibitions:


Art is not just the process of imaging idea onto paper or canvas. Art is a way of life one lead. It is a way of thinking one does, So everyone could possibly be an artist. Also one can have the great aesthetic feeling of nature and human beauty!

Certainly you can see here my participations of Art world. As well as this you can see all my solo exhibitions. Furthermore you might have a look at group exhibitions. So in addition I would say I love group exhibitions. Indeed there one can see yourself among other artists, Also this way an artist can measure his capabilities of drawing.

Always make sure you participate other artists’ exhibitions. In short this way you can give a respect. Respect to their hard work. As a conclusion I would like to say a big thank you to all of you! For participating my site here. Giving it some time! And chance to develope and been seen!


Exhibitions – solo:

2010 ‘Seven deadly sins’. Printmakings and drawings. Artists’s House Pleven town Bugaria.

Photography of my last exibitions Body and Soul

Alone against the Drawing

2011 ‘Seven deadly sins’. Voskresensk town Russia.

2011 ‘Seven deadly sins’. Moscow Russia.

2012 ‘Ecclesiastes’. Drawings. Art gallery ‘Rafael Mikhailov’. Veliko Tarnovo town Bulgaria.

2018 ‘Body and Soul’. Drawings. Artist’s House. Pleven town, Bulgaria.

Exhibitions – group:

2008, 2009, 2010 Faculty of Fine Art. ‘St St Cyril and Methodius’. Veliko Tarnovo town Bugaria.

2009 XIII International Biennial of Small Graphic and Exlibris. Ostrow Wielkopolski Poland.

2010 ‘Autumn salon’. Art Gallery Pleven town. Bulgaria.

2010 ‘Paintings, Graphics, Sculptures’. Art Gallery ‘Georgi Velchev’. Varna town Bulgaria.

Visitors are viewing my last exhibitions

Another exhibition

2010 ‘Paintings, Graphics, Sculptures’. Art Gallery Sliven town. Bulgaria.

2010 V Biennial of Small Forms. Art Gallery ‘Ilia Beshkov’ Pleven town. Bulgaria.

2011 ‘Spring saloon’. Art Gallery Pleven town. Bulgaria.

2011 ‘Autumn saloon’. Art Gallery Pleven town. Bulgaria.

2011 XIV International Biennial of Small graphic and Exlibris. Ostrow Wielkopolski Poland.

2012 ‘Spring saloon’. Art Gallery Pleven town. Bulgaria.

2012 VI Biennial of Small Forms. Art Gallery ‘Ilia Beshkov’ Pleven town. Bulgaria

2015 ‘Konferans’ drawings. Art gallery ‘Lubor Bayer’ Stara Zagora town. Bulgaria.

2015 ‘Konferans’ drawings. Art gallery ‘Kazanlak’, Kazanlak town, Bulgaria.

2015 ‘Konferans’ drawings. Art gallery ‘Rafael Mikhailov’ Veliko Tarnovo town. Bulgaria.

2019, 2020 ‘Temptations’ drawings and paintings. Art Gallery Artist’s House. Pleven town, Bulgaria.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!


The artwork fits just right where I wanted it. It is sincerely beautifully made. Alexandra is extremely talented and do not fear very little tiny details. She also has been straightforward with me during the shipping process. She is definitely a truly talented artist that I’d recommend to anyone who loves her art, to buy from her. Thanks again Alexandra for that very nice artwork and for all the beauty you create!

Benoît Tremblay, Canada

Sorry it has taken me so long to write a review! This is such a lovely lithograph and fills me with a melancholy, and yet childlike, wonder whenever I look at it. It is so exquisitely done! Thank you for making such beautiful art!

Marisa Joncaire, UK

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