My art is my world


Artist Alexandra Duhlinska draw new pictureFirstly I’ve grown up in a small town with rich history. It helped me to enrich my knowledge about history of my country and world history as well. As a result my attention was attracted to Philosophy and Art Histoty since school age. Though my decision to be an artist and dedicate my whole life to Art became unexpectedly – a couple of years before the beginnig of my education in ‘St St Cyril and Methodius” University, Veliko Tarnovo town, Bulgaria.

Moreover I’ve never been interested in drawing before this moment. Indeed the idea that I have such a wonderful gift made me feel lucky. Not so many people have a gift which they can use to express themselves. Therefore I wanted and still want to improve my skills in the best way I possibly can. Drawing process became an inseparable part of my life. Drawings and graphic images became instruments to express my inner life, my feelings and emotions. As a result I chose exactly Graphics and Printmaking, because I really liked to draw with pen and ink, pencils and charcoal. Afterwards, when I started my education I realized that Graphics and especially Printmaking is actually a group of different types of techniques. Printmaking always learn me to be more accurate, patient, disciplined, to unite my physical and emotional energy in one.

My Art works are like a connection between two realities. Reality of our souls and Reality of the world around us. I’m trying to find a way which we could escape from our sins, even only contemplating a painting or a drawing. The human soul is deep and pretty hard for understanding. But if only I’ve succeeded to touch it for a moment with my Art that could be a great achievment for me like an artist.


As a conclusion of my biography


Studio of bulgarian artist Alexandra DuhlinskaI want to add something else – Art in my life is like arranging puzzle. I start one painting or drawing and in the beginning its elements look unclear and vague. As my work progresses tension gets stronger too. At the momentum of this tension the puzzle begins to arrange itself. Every symbol, line, doodle and gesture merge into one to create an ensemble of inspiration and thought. Thoughts which should reach and touch human soul and mind.

As a conslusion all my personal experiences become one untouchable and unending process of completing this puzzle. Sometimes I’m walking on the street and see some faces, figures, silhouettes. I can feel deep within me people’s emotions and moods. I can memorize at the bottom of my subconscious all the tiny and unnoticed lines, shadows and colors. Then one day without even knowing exactly when that happened I turn around and look at my canvas or paper drawings and see there the world I’ve just observed, reproduced in front of me. The world I have lived through.

That is why very person on this planet should keep himself busy with Art. It’s not important what kind of Art it is. Art in its core educates mind and disciplines soul. Art’s moral measures are also unwritten, hidden, universal human measures. With them we will be able to create love and goodness which we so desperately need in our century.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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