Drawings Original Unique Contemporary Colorful Fine Art for Sale

Drawings Original Unique Contemporary Colorful Fine Art for Sale


Mixed media drawing landscape

For as long as humanity has existed Art has been a part of our life. Certainly people have been creating, drawing, paiting, looking at, criticizing, and enjoying art for thousands of years! And here is the place I would like to address three questions! What is art? What is a drawing? And laste but not least why has it survived for so long deep in our hearts?

Firstly, what is art? As a human beings we have faced this question for centuries and centuries. Like philosophical point to think about. How can we distinguish between painting and drawing? Both are Fine art medias. And yet not every drawing includes in itself a painting and vice versa. Importantly I believe the only thing that distinguish these artwork types is artist’s objective and perspective. In addtion the crutial link between what an artist means to achieve and what one achieves through the drawing technique classifies it as basics of every other further Art.

What classifies a drawings as a masterpiece?


Nevertheless, art and drawing is not something that you have to study in order to understand and enjoy. Drawing by pencil, ink or charcoal is something that captures the eye. Whether I am trying to communicate emotions, an idea or something else, the most important fact is how well the viewer receives it. However, drawing is not only just a basics. On one hand it can be fullfilled and utterly complete lovely artwork .For example it can also lead to a shock as showing us something new and unusual.

That is to say a creative drawing piece would spark us with the discussion of whether that piece is art or not. And this is the mile stole of calling an Artwork a masterpiece. Moreover this beautifull collection of drawings is something that inspires people. Something that transfer us into different realities. On the other hand for sure it moves us into deep subconscious places we would neve know that even existed.
What is the purpose of a drawing? Above all it has some very practical purposes. Firstly to sooth your soul, enjoy your eyes, make you home beautifull. Secondly to take one and give it as an unique gift to your love ones! In other words excellent choice for every occasion or place.

I love this artist and how she communicates. She is very professional. I absolutely love her and her professionalism. The artwork is beautiful! The best thing that could have happened to me was meeting this wonderful artist. I love this painting and the wonderful artist that created it. She’s a blessing
William Louche, France
Fantastic Art. Quick delivery and well packaged, thankyou. Wonderfull picture!
Franky Lionardi, Indonesia
She is beautiful, thank you Alex! Wish you all the best!
Chryssa Kavagia, Greece

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