Graphics Lithography, Drypoint, Linocut Artworks for Sale

Graphics Lithography, Drypoint, Linocut Artworks for Sale




Lithography classical portrait old manGraphics as act of printing has always seemed to me a miracle. Certainly just such a miracle as the growing up of a tiny seed of grain to an ear. An everyday miracle. Even the greater because it happens every day. Moreover one drawing is sown on the stone or the etching plate and a harvest is reaped from it –Vincent van Gogh.

That is to say we live in XXI century. When information is so available. In addition copied from everywhere. Shared instantaneously. To clarify it comes so easy to forget that a reproduction and distribution of an artwork. Document or any other kind of idea was once viewed as miraculous achievement. Therefore developed as a medium graphics comes to meet this most human of desires. Create a document and link images and ideas. Because of grapics Art disperses to regions far beyond their origin. A print is created by incising an image into a matrix. It can be done onto a metal plate, a block of wood or a stone.

After that we have an inking of the image. Running it through a press onto a special piece of paper. If you repeat this process many times. Multiple impressions so to say copies of the same image can produce itself. There were no cameras. Or copy machines or scanners. Reproduction of prints allowed artists to multiply their artworks. Over the centuries printmaking became an art form in its own rights.
I have made an effort here to separate different kinds of printmaking. Something not often done by other artists and websites. In order to educate users, admirers and viewers about the diversity of printmaking practices.

We have the foloowing types of graphics


– woodcut/linocut, etching/engraving, monoprint/monotype, lithography. As well as mezzotint and drypoint. Doing an image inscribed. Or engraved permanently on a matrix. It modifies and provides numerous limted edition copies. You can vary them changing ink color, creating new plates and layering images. For insatnce cropping ar art image. Incorporating various media or other graphics methods. Using different paper colors could do the work too. In this way graphics is like an endless exciting wondeful experiment. Certainly the final print may become almost unrecognizable. Comparing to its original state. Or end up right where it started. Graphics is a unique artwork for everybody who want to share. Moreover and appreciate it deeply. Whoever owns a graphics artwork has a valuable precious gift from the artist.




Two fantastic artworks from Alexandra, incredibly fast delivery from Bulgaria! I love the textures of light and shade in ‘Innocence’ and the visual impact of ‘Love Story’. Although these works are in different style, I do detect an influence of Dali, (my favourite artist). Thank you Alexandra, these are pictures I will never tire of seeing.

Derek Maddock, UK

Hi Alexandra, thanks so much for sending the “Man of sorrows.” It arrived well and I am so glad to have it. Also thanks for the little included gift. I am a composer, and have a “poor man’s” art collection. I am very pleased to add you to it. Best wishes.
Jeffry Gall, USA

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