Large Contemporary Abstract Mixed Media Drawings

How can we draw an abstract artwork


Mixed media drawings abstract surrealismTo draw large mixed media portraits, still life or landscapes with any kind of Art media there is one very important condition – you must be able to draw. And here we come across a paradox – many think that painting an abstract Artwork is in the power of a man who has no talent.

What is the big deal – some spots and strikes! But is it just this? Definitely not. Taking a piece of paper and scratching a few interlaced geometric figures does not mean that you have made an abstract picture. It is not that simple. Hardly your drawing can claim to be called a work of art. Let alone to impress a viewer.

The founder of abstractionism – Wassily Kandinsky – often said: ‘Abstraction is only in the power of great artists. Those who can speak without words.

And yet, what is abstraction and an large mixed media abstract artwork?

As in Bible so in Art in the beginning is language. In translation from latin ‘Abstractio’ means ‘with no clear consept’, ‘departed’. All artist-abstractionists give up the idea of realistic depiction of all art images. They deform it in most various shapes and colors. At the same time they aim to achieve artistic harmony of all art forms and shades. This way they strive to provoke any types of emotions and expressions of a particular viewer.

Although the founder of abstractionism is Wassily Kandinsky

abstract drawing has become popular thanks to another great artist – Kazimierz Malewicz with his famous painting ‘Black square’. Other great name in the abstract list is Pablo Picasso who develop this art area and make it one of the most populat art styles nowadays.

If you still want to engage in abstract art, start with simple shapes, forms and figures. Angles or smooth and oval lines – all this is solves the mistery of your imagination and way of expression. When you finish with all lines and fixing of shapes, you can proceed to colors. You can fill in all already done forms and shapes or just to start applying some free color spots. No rules here! Just release your mind into the thought of freedom and emotion. The most important thing is to do it as kids do it – just with emotion and pure feeling, not using your mind and sense.

Very well known that if one wants to paint, nothing can stop him/her

And in order to create an abstract picture or just a drawing, one must release ones spirit and imagination. And not to be afraid to face the end result. If an artist succeeded to express all emotions and inner ‘me’, the viewer also will feel it and understand it. Drawing and painting are ways of selfexpression, an escape for your consciousness.


It does not matter what kind of art media gets in use for the creation of an abstract artwork

Ink or pastel, paints and oils, pencils, pens, collages, etc. The most important is what you have in mind to say, not how you are going to express it and apply it. Monochrome abstract art can be best done with inks and pens so these art media can bring its sharp graphic characteristic. Acrylic dyes have their technical advantages. They can be used just as easily as inks because they get dry very fast, they are so bright and lights.

Using them an artist can very fast and smoothly to correct some spots and lines. Art foundation might be verious – canvas, paper, cardboard, etc. The same counts for brushes which might be used – flat, round, soft, hard…anything you think would be best for you. Any material possible can be your secret weapon for future masterpieces. You need only inspiration and enthusiasm.

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