Large Surrealistic Modern Pencil Drawings based on Holy Bible

Large pencil drawings in Series ‘Ecclesiastes’


Large pencil drawings series EcclesiastesFirstly Ecclesiastes is a series of 12 large pencil drawings. Particularly the art works are based on a small part of Holy bible, anonymously written in the last part of the 3rd century BC. Moreover Ecclesiastes has a deep philosophical and influential expression. Of course its noble, wise and most powerful appearance of man’s life upon the Mother Earth is beautifully and professionally expressed onto the paper.

Secondly in addition the highest point of poetry, eloquence and truth is what makes this unique series so much impressionable and interesting. Indeed most lasting and profound written wise words on this planet helped me to reproduce it into vision and art images!

The works are a series of 12 pencil drawings,
based on “Ecclesiastes”,  part of Holy Bible.
N. B. The drawings can be sold only as a set.
22″x 33″, unframed, 160 gm acid free paper, price $2400, shipping $168

Ecclesiastes and its drawing media technique

As well known I made this series with pencil. However in other words it was a hardworking long process of making smooth and deep perspective.In addition going ‘into’ the drawing I intentionally made by performing as realistic shapes and forms as possible. Therefore all 12 artworks have its particular order in which one can arranged them in. It shows the circle of the text itself, page by page. I chose a particular line of every page as a motto to what I wanted to express in every pencil composition.

In conclusion I especially hope you are going to enjoy it. Firstly have a look at it and take your time to feel it and understand it. More likely every person sees completely different things and ideas in Ecclesiastes. In short also obviously it comes that way because of the life experience we gained or not. Indeed look at ‘your mirror’ and find your way to make an emotional touch with my art and my thoughts, expressions and ideas. As an conslusion see if we can both go together throght this life art circle I am offering to your attention!
Thank you for having some time to explore it!


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

©All images are copyright of Alexandra Duhlinska. They may not be downloaded, modified, altered or sold without the express written permission of the artist.


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