Linocut Surreal Black&White

Printmaking linocut art piece – How to make a good?

Making a good printmaking linocut art piece is very simple and easy. By having good art media. And by having a good printmaking press. Linocut prints are most often arranged in black and white. So there you must be aware of all composition spots and lines. Every line is important. It contributes to the whole art appearance. Printmaking is beautiful in its simplicity. So here are some very nice print tips to use.

  • Mix printmaking ink with black oil paint. Half by half for the proportion.
  • Use a new appropriate at size print roller to apply smooth ink layer
  • Find an art studio to do your art works. It is always the best to have your space there. Not worrying you are going to damage some furniture or cloth. Art studio allows you to use all these smelly solvents. You need them to clean after you are done once.
  • Try to prepare everything you need beforehand. If you start worrying what is missing afterwards it would be too late. Prepare print media details. Good printmaking paper. Smooth ink paper is the best for a linocut printing. Not very thin. Not very thick. Go for 220 g paper. Some fabric tissues to clean meanwhile the linocut printing process. Newspapers to protect the table surface. Try to stay clean and fit during your actions. Some medicine rubber gloves would be good to keep your hands clean and safe.

What to be carefull about when it comes to linocut printing?

Linocut images are not always easy to print. At the first place put the linocut plate onto the printing table. In addition mix your special ink and oil paint. Also You can always choice two different colors and make a beautiful warm range shades. Go for the unique and original attitude by doing your art as professional as possible. After you are done with mixing the ink media it is time for applying it. Take the roller. Indeed try to cover it with ink. Moreover make some movements back and forward. Until the whole roller surface is smoothly applied with the print ink and paint.

After that roll it back and forward onto the linocut plate. Roll it all possible directions so you can see how all linocut area is completely covered.

Now, particularly if your hands are not clean, wash them. Make sure you hands are ok. Take the print paper. Put it onto the inked linocut plate. Press it hard with a spoon. Try to press everywhere by rollong it in round circle movements. Make sure the paper is not moving as well. Only spoon needs to be in action.

You can also do the printing process

by using print press. While you don’t have one printmaking by spoon is also suitable. But only for the linocut technique.

In the end lift the piece of paper very gently from the linocut plate. You are going to see you graved image. Printed onto the paper surface as well.

On the other hand if these are your first steps in the world of printmaking I recommend additional help. However find artist printmaker who can lead you through the art process. Who can help you going through the whole linocut exciting experience.

Thank you very much for reading my article. If you have any additional questions, please, do not hesitate to contact me. Stay around next week – more interesting details in the world of printmaking.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!