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Pushing the Lithography Method to Its Limit

Lithography is one of the oldest printing methods which nowadays is extremely rare and few people know details about it. At first this thechnique someone invented to reproduce images in all various kinds of books and other paper facilities. People used it by drawing the image onto special lithography stones which are so so rare to find. Of course you can’t just buy one and bring it home to draw. One can provide with the stones from a german valley and the number of stones could limit nowadays that all artists and those who would envolve to the printing world struggle to find other ways of replacing the stones with some different kind of media – cheaper and available for use. Also you can supply with it and easy to print! And a chance there is! You can called it silicon media!

The Integration of Silicon Media and Its Help to Lithography Printing

Silicon madia you can call much more cheaper and available to the artist market. If you decide to supply yourself with it, make sure you have the right information and you know exactly how to use it! Look for a professional lithography printmaker to help you with it. Silicon chips can have a wide range in sizes. It helps a lot because the lithography stones can limit in sizes not only because of the small number but also because they could load heavy and hard to prepare for drawing on the top of its surface. Especially silicon chips will make it easier for you – light and easy to move around. In addition no preliminary process before drawing. You can make it the exact size you need and the image effect will be as good as the stone one!

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