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Mezzotint wonderful and expressive technique

Mezzotint is a very old printing technique. It has quite long history as well. On the other hand today’s unique mezzotint heritage is collected in museums and galleries at highest rank all over the world. Prints of very old masters can be find everywhere and you can obtain unvaluable knowledge about it!

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It is a method of copper or steel engraving in tone. This process came into life in England early in the 18th century. Of course mezzotint involves lots of aspects of the printing artist’s knowledge and experience. You are going to need high quality media and a bit of professional experience to achieve some proper results in the already hand made print. The technique needs an uniform burring with a curved sawtoothed tool and using it by cradling it back and forth to this very moment until the surface of the plate become all covered with grains as sand paper.

Mezzotint and its rich range of soft ink tones

Indeed the picture developed by this technique is made via so called ciaroscuro with a scraper and a burnisher. More likely each possible degree from pure black to the most beautiful white is possible to attain by this printing technique. In addition no line drawing can employ and the result is an image without sharp lines of an etching. However mezzotint people very often used for reproducing of paintings, especially in England. Mainly landscpes and portraits. The process is very rare today and a real treasure to have of a print!! People all done it by hand – from drawing to printing it. All media is quite expesive and extremely hard to find and work with. So if you decide to go for it, please, make sure you have some proper information about it and somebody experienced to give a hand when you needed.

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