Mixed Media Abstract Surreal Drawings

Mixed media ink great strategies to improve your Art skills

Mixed media ink great strategies seems like I will show you today! First of all people often make the remark that they want to improve their ink drawing skills. Personally here I will provide you with some simple mixed media advises to follow. Second of all – practice a lot. Nothing would go right from the very first time. In addition lots of sketches at home would be the best thing to da. Besides you need to draw everything you like. Mostly chairs, tables, members of your family… Third of all do the abstract ink sketches with no preliminary pencil drawing. Try to feel your hand free and loose. Getting the wrong lines is not always the wrong path to follow when you do mixed media technique. Actually doing sketch work means no wrong art lines and strokes. More accomplished art skills come with more expressive ink line sketches…

In addition buy yourself nice ink and ink pen. Take some sketch paper and a board. Ink pen gives you the chance to shape your lines by pressing the pen to the paper surface harder or softer. No need of a hole in the middle of paper area! Be carefull and do not press the ink pen too hard.

Just go for some basics. Draw with black ink and thin ink pen. Also you must try to feel this particular art media the right way.

Ink sketches with brush and ink

Besides you can try also to add some brush spots once you have made your basic art sketch drawing. You can make them using pure ink liquid and make it by dry brush. Besides the abstract spots would become really intense. In particular that is why do not put too much brush strokes, too much ink…Also you might use some water. This way you are going to release the tension of the black color. Go for as many ink tones as you can provide. Especially relevant is that the more interesting your abstract art work become the more expressive it would like.

In conclusion pay some attention on your hands. Accordingly very fresh art work could smear under the pressure of your hands.Hence keep it up! As a result let’s not ruin what we started. Have some fun all along! After all that is what art gives us. The great artistic expressive feeling of satisfaction and joy!

Thank you for reading my new article! Stay with me and next week!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!