Mixed Media Abstract Surreal Drawings

Mixed media ink great strategies to improve your Art skills


Mixed media drawings with ink, pastel and watercolorMixed media ink great strategies seems like I will show you today! First of all people often make the remark that they want to improve their ink drawing skills. Personally here I will provide you with some simple mixed media advises to follow. Second of all – practice a lot. Similarly nothing would go right from the very first time. In addition lots of sketches at home would be the best thing to da. Besides you need to draw everything you like. As a result mostly chairs, tables, members of your family…

Third of all do the abstract ink sketches with no preliminary pencil drawing. Try to feel your hand free and loose. Getting the wrong lines is not always the wrong path to follow when you do mixed media technique. Actually doing sketch work means no wrong art lines and strokes. More accomplished art skills come with more expressive ink line sketches…

Mixed media experiments in black and white

Secondly mixed media experiments are sometimes the best choice for an artist. Indeed he painter can make some fast sketches. Above all it is a good way for having an idea storage. Importantly also in indeed put your thoughts in a row. Certainly experiment and examine all art forms and shapes. Likewise black and white drawing

is the perfect way to find out what is the best abstract composition. It gives time to think about the paper space. After all it provides you the chance to practice your art skills more.

Mixed media experiments have all positive sides you might need:

On the other hand in the end makes you think differently about all art forms. Push you to look how to express trivial as someting original and unusual.
In addition practice you hand a lot more.
Mark new abstract mixed media ideas for future bigger art projects.
Consistently the successfully performed drawing projects come at a very high price.
Reveal weak points of you drawing skills.
Thirdly develop fantasy surreal way of thinking.
As a conclusion increase the chance of having really good aesthetic point of view.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!

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