Paintings Modern Abstract Surrealistic Original Colorful Fine Art for Sale

Paintings Contemporary Surrealistic Fine Art for Sale


Paintings Modern Abstract Surrealistic Original Colorful Fine Art

Art is what makes you float in emotions in a river of imagination. Firstly have a moment and stand in front of an artwork. It has so many shapes and lines that it can not be even described. So you start to imagine things, searching on these lines and shapes. Moreover try to connect with them. In additon try to get a specific shape done by your imaginary thoughts and visions. But what if the paiting is a sunrise? You can think of every sad or happy moment happened to you through the years. To clarify no one realises the importance of Art nowadays. Certainly Art is everywhere and in everything. Moreover it is one’s creativity and imagination. Art is all you can use and see even when not paying attention to it. This gallery can offer you huge collection of various art media and topics.


Mixed media abstract Paintings art and not only that

Watercolor of beautifull landscapes, cityscapes and still lifes. Artworks in all kind of sizes so to be suitable for your favourite place of living. Visual arts are popular art. Most of all paintings. Painting include in itself various of medias. It can reveal the beauty of collages, mixed media, pastel, watercolor, color pencils. Made on either paper or canvases.

Artists place images, forms, colors, ideas in a way to be able to reconnect with the viewer. Paintings play increasingly important role in one’s imagination. Especially colors. Warm colors such as red, orange, yellow appear to come closer to a viewer. They are very welcoming and mind soothing. Cool colors such as blue, green, black appear to recede human emotions. Artists use this perspective in place to provoke feelings of distance or vastness.
Paintings are universal. They can suit everywhere – either home or office. This kind of Art is the best choice for a gift for your love ones. Please, take a look around and enjoy this amazing gallery!


Amazingly talented artist! Always fast shipment, friendly and kind! Excellent packing, fast shipping! Excellent drawing by a talented artist! Will be back for more! Perfect transaction! Lovely painting, friendly communication! Highly recommended!

Galya Bukova, Bulgaria
Love this series! Excited to add to my collection!  I love your style! Thank you for sharing your talent! I love your work! Artwork is even better than the photos! Highly recommend! Really stunning piece!
Alexander Sanders, United States

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