Pastel Surreal Paintings

Pastel ideas for art experiments

Pastel ideas here can help you find your personal attitude to Art and its transformations. Firstly every artist strives for perfectness in no matched way to be performed. Besides every person engrades an individual style that no one can repeat or do the same. Personally for me there is the real truth about Art. Doing various of experiments with this media will bring you to a different level of your Art developing.

In addition it reveals new artistic horizonts. Enriches art knowledge. Gives so much perspective and space in a drawing composition. You can make experiments by mixing pastels with all other art materials and media. Different fabrics and papers. All kinds of strokes lines doodles spots shades shapes, volumes…

Creativeness is what makes you original and unique. So never give up interesting idea. Collect them in your head first. As a second step collect them at paper. Make some fast sketches to bring it into life. Those art sketches will help you later make bigger projects and paintings.

Pastel media and how to cooperate with other art medias

Pastel media is not always going perfectly well with all other art materials. Once you have got some good set you can provide various of ways to perform it. Try to mix it with pastel pencils. They go together very well. Pastel pencils help you achieve the tiniest details. Pastel bars are sometimes too big and ‘clumsy’ to get to the point of doing the perfect image. So you need the sharp edges of the pencil to achieve it.

You can also draw pastel with all kinds of sanguine crayons or charcoal. These art medias are very much alike so you can go for them. Do not hesitate to try some art project at a bigger size. Going vast and expressive will bring you so much joy and enthusiasm. Having your pastel muse is as important as the quality of the pastel media you use.

No way to mix watercolor dyes with pastel, especially oil ones. The common pencil would do the work as well. Oily ingredients in art media do not cooperate with dry bars at any point.

Doing an art experiment means to find the balance with what works ‘hand by hand’. Not what will make you struggle through the whole drawing process.

Please, always enjoy what you do. You might not have your perfect art project experiment at the very first time. But that does not mean you lost your artist pattern. Sometimes to get lost and loose means to find yourself in a perfect pastel experiment balance of peace and joy.

Thank you for reading my article. Please, stay with me and next week when we are going to have some new art news and ideas to read about.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me!