Pastel Surreal Paintings

Pastel interesting facts

Pastel interesting facts we didn’t know about lately. Safed base made this art media the best. Like any other drawing media. It provides to artists to do their beautiful art images. It can apply like direct art pigment on paper. You can apply it even onto canvas surface. In particular this art media has a different kind of binder. Actually very little of it.

Chalk media is not the same as pastel one. They can be at some point very different. Chalk is made from limestone. In addition the drawing media consists of absolutely different component parts. Moreover this art technique have the oldest ever known proofs of using it! Also it lasts for longer when applied on hard foundations. And I believe it could very appropriate for making portraits!

Pastel abstract artworks do not crack, darken or flake because there are no ingredients. Such as oil for instance.

For example pastel painting should be framed under glass. It goea like that for best protection of the media. One must use matting board in order to protect laying the paper or canvas surface directly against the glass.

Facts to consider using pastel media

Painting can go for every art work covered with art media. And if it just partially covers with it just a pastel sketch. Firstly sketches do not have to be underestimated. They have their own beautifull expression. Epression of passion and moments of art inspiration for lines srokes and shades.

Drawings made from it have their own high-quality value. World wide known artists made such great masterpieces with pastel media. Estimated and sold for more than $2,000,000 each. So let’s start working on our own art skills and progress. Let’s make such worderfull art!

In addition this drawing media predisposes for details. In addition also can do some quick sketches or fast line drawings. On the other hand soft ones have high pigment. Moreover it could bring lovely colors to the pastel art composition!

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