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How to Choose the Right Pastel and Crayon Media?


Pastel drawing onto quality paper

To sketch a pastel image is actually not that easy as it sounds. Certainly sketching can particularly get in use and preparation for a larger Art piece. Or just to get an Art drawing idea of how a surreal art forms or images might look like. Moreover you might find art sketching very much enjoyable and entertaining. That is to say an artists appealing to make a high-quality art work needs to know a few crayon tricks. And the first step is to supply yourse lf with the right kind of drawing media. So this way you would be able to make a great pastel image.

Firstly try to find the right kind of crayon paper. Secondly the paper surface can be very crucial for what you are intending to do! So do not choose too smooth and coated paper. You need to blur and press the pastel media this way to keep it actually on the surface. Take your time and make an online research. See which art brands offer you high-quality art supplies for good prices. Crayon pieces need to be fit and easily applied onto the paper. Crunchy ones would not help you at all. You are going to run out of them too soon. Besides the image would suffer from not confidently drawn lines and shades. Crunchy pastels also can not be properly blurred and smoothed as a background tone.

If you want your picture to shine and slightly transparents, you can use a lot of shiny, varnished textures.


Your new helper – pastel pencil eraser for your needs!

An eraser to use is as much important as everything else on the list. Your eraser is just another art tool for your surreal and abstract drawings. Draw with it, not just remove the image! Apply a nice pastel background. After that try to draw with the eraser! You will see how interesting and entertaining this new skill would be. Be careful though! Choose soft kind of art erasers. Buy a few types of it. So you can try all of them and see which one is going to be the best media for you! Pencil eraser would help you make some gentle and tiny lines which the big round erasers could not do!

If you can’t find pencil eraser just cut your old round eraser to slices and draw with the sharp edges. It would do the same work as well. And last but not least! Your art image is done and you need to coated it with protective layer. It is always good to buy something specially produced for it. But if you need to go for something simple, the common hair spray would be your best art helper! Apply the spray from some proper distance. Not too close to the paper surface!


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