Pencil Drawings Surrealistic Artwork based on Ecclesiastes part of Holy Bible

Pencil Drawings Surrealistic Artwork based on Ecclesiastes part of Holy Bible




Large Pencil drawings seriws EcclesiastesPencil drawings Ecclesiastes is collection of 12 large artwork based on part of Holy Bible. A 12 pages part of Holy bible which had been anonymously written in the last part of the 3rd century BC. Ecclesiastes has a deep philosophical expression of the quote ‘Is life worth to live?’. On one hand Anonymous author ironically belives it negatively. On the other hand some people follow his vision of no reward for the course of justice as the author believes it himself. Moreover this series of pencil drawings express noble and powerful appearance of man’s life upon Earth. Above all beautifully and professionally expressed onto paper. In addition high point of poetry layed out by unique Art series of pencil drawings. Therefore so much impressionable and interesting point of view. Certainly these most profound words of a wiseman helped me to reproduce it into vision and art images!


The works are a series of 12 pencil drawings,
based on “Ecclesiastes”,  part of Holy Bible.
N. B. The drawings can be sold only as a set.
22″x 33″, unframed, 160 gm acid free paper, price $3600, shipping $168


Pencil drawings is very expressive and suitable for dramatic scenes

Importantly it really highly appeals to many individuals. To clarify it is because of the honesty with which this author expresses his own convictions. That is to say along with him I have tried to give you my perspective as well using pencil and paper. Certainly showing to you the best Art of my gallery collections. I used a completely different perspective to express what I think and believe in. This series can not be presented in accord with the usual generally accepted ideas. Firstly the author had the courage to say what he believes to be true in life. As a result I had the courage to show it to you in art pictures. Secondly these images have a particular surrealistic sense which makes them so attractive.

Although probably Ecclesiastes would have been excluded from the canon of Scriptures. But after all it appears to have been saved by the last page quatation. And in addition those final words that makes it so impressionable: “Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.”
Please, have a look at my webpage here and really take your time to enjoy these philosophical path of my Art thoughts!

Another phenomenal work of art. Love it. Beautiful. Wonderful. Spectacular artist. Thanks Her range is fantastic, Her technique sublime. Her talent immeasurable. Unbelievable artist! One day she’ll have works at MOMA. Fabulous artist who never disappoints. Thanks again. Incredible piece!
Jennifer Jones, United States
Alexandra is Awesome! I think its Great! Thanks! Beautiful! Just what I was hoping it would be! Love her work and would purchase from her. 
Cecilie Holthe Andreassen, Norway
Very talented artist. Everyone should own at least one. I’m a HUGE fan of your work! Can’t wait for the next group to arrive!
Carlos Michans, Netherlands

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