Pencil Surreal Drawings

Pencil and experiments without color

Pencil media is one of the hardest to manage. Though it always looks that it is not so hard. Giving the art work a life just going with a gray tone is a challenge. A painter must organize and manage to put his ducks in a row. An art composition must be studied properly. All art forms and shapes must be arranged in a perfect balance. When you don’t have the ease of using many colors and abstract expressive lines every detail in a drawing pops up clearly. Art experiments in black and white is a great way of practicing your art skills. To shape the drawing space and sophisticate your art possibilities.

Pencil drawings include many clear details and lines. Everything must be drawn precisely. It develops ones thinking of what must be in and what must be out of a drawing space.

A pencil surrealistic drawing makes you practice even more and more. To achieve these beautiful light gray to dark black tones.

Also you can always try to keep some fresh ideas in fast pencil sketches. There is going to be a backup load for future bigger art projects in colors and paint.

A successful sketch is at some point an independent artwork to present. It has its high-quality value. It helps you to achieve these fantastic surrealistic and abstract art compositions.

How to manage black and white with a pencil?

I know what you are going to say. In particular it is this boring gray tone and nothing else there to show up. To make a pencil drawing really sophisticated you must try harder. Put many many pencil layers onto the top of one another. Sketch first slightly, make a light gray tone. In addition think about where do you want to go further and where to leave it at that stage. Then you can press even harder with the pencil. If you have the white areas and gray areas you need to go further.

Press hard with the pencil. But be careful not to damage the drawing with ugly fast drawing lines. Just take your time and pile up in darker layers until you go to the very end. And there is no way to be darker than that. Moreover when you have the whole white-black scale there is no way to achieve a boring art work. Eyes always look for the balance. Use the eraser as a part of the whole art process. Erase some art areas, make them lighter or darker. Make it like a game. After all it has to be fun time for you. Enjoy it! If it does not work out you can always go for another one. Practice is everything!

Thank you so much for reading my article today! Stay with me and next week when there are going to be some more interesting art texts to read!

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