Watercolor Contemporary Paintings

Watercolor drawing tips for beginners

Watercolor drawing tips are always the best way to improve your art skills. While it is true that this drawing media is difficult to cope. I want to help you think otherwise. Once you master your drawing abilities hence your very good art results will come. Besides great watercolor painting technique tips are what all artists need to follow.

In particular all you need to begin with is a sheet of paper watercolor paint and brush. It is simple as that. Whether you choose to make sketches. Or serious art deal it is very much up to you. As a result you are going to have completely new artistic appearance.

Watercolor media to use

Firstly use a high quality paper. Make sure you are dealing with the good stuff. Thin watercolor paper will ruin the whole process. And also the end result. Thick paper will enable you to put some more quantity of water. Besides you will also have the chance to ‘wash out’ what you find for unnecessarily to be there.

As a second step you must chooce the right kind of watercolor paints. In addition take some professional tips from an experienced artist. The one can give you exact information about what you need. And also where to find it.

Make sure your brushes are high quality ones. Soft with long hair. Tipically make to move a watery medium around. Specifically round shaped not flat ones. Whether you decide to use just one. Or you want to use smaller and bigger sizes is totally up to you. The most important is to know how to apply colors.

Besided you are going to need some additional stuff. Such as paper tissues a piece of fabric or a clean sponge. Applying extra quantity of water must be removed immediately. Therefore you won’t ruin your art work.

Watercolor paints and how to apply them

Always try to mix more paint. You might think you won’t need it. But the paint will dissolve in the clean water. Also bear in mind that colors change their effect. They are more intense when they are still wet. Once they get dry their art appearance is completely different. Lighter and softer.

In addition you must be patient. Lay out one by one colors. Watercolor layers as well. Beginners always try to get easy to the very end. That is why they put too much water. Too much color at once. So there won’t be any need for more later. So there won’t be any need to wait for a middle layer to get dry. Do not over mix all colors. Understanding of color mixing is important. If you mix too much you will get a muddy puddle in the middle of the paper. Lay out clear colors. Mix them right onto the paper surface. Be carefull applying not too much water as well.

Do not try your watercolor artwork to look like an oil one. If you need to make an oil painting. Go ahead. Dealing with such delicate drawing media as waterclor technique needs patience. ‘Not controlling’ the media is part of beauty of the art process.

Thank you so much for reading my article. Please, stay with me and next week! We are going to have some interesting tips for having a great art pastel presentation.

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