Watercolor Contemporary Paintings

Watercolor advantages and disadvantages in art drawing

Watercolor is one of the most well known art techniques. First of all it gets so popular because of its interesting and very challenging art media characteristics. Watercolor can be very demanding at times. In addition mistakes pops up permanently on the paper.

In particular let’s start with the good qualities of this fine art media. It can be very cheap and easy handed. All children and adults could enjoy it. Entertaining with this versatile and inexpensive art technique could be used for numerous art projects.

Paint – watercolor paint substance is doing almost no harm. It has no smell or just a very slight one. Secondly there is also no need of any additionally smelly solvents to dissolve dyes in. You need only water and nothing else.

Watercolor media gets dry very quickly. In contrast to oil paints watercolor dyes gets dry for no longer than a day. This means you can see your end result colors in very short future period of time.

Once you have made your art image you can make some corrections by ‘washing out’ some of the paint with a brush.

Transporting your ready art works can be simple and easy.

And last but not least this art drawing media can compare and be very compatible with so many other art techniques. Collages pastels pencils, etc.

Watercolor disadvantages in art drawing

In particular this very specific kind of art media controls hardly. Using just a brush and water can be challenging. No totally and completely fixed precise art images. All water spots gets dry in their own unique way letting us get the chance of getting the good with the bad.

Another kind of a problem might be the paper. If you choose 90 gm till 180 gm paper you can forget for your dream results. A low quality paper surface looks like a corrugated iron with muddy puddles around. Always try to strive for high-quality paper substance to get perfect art results.

Mixing of colors narrows a bit. Mixing too many watercolor dyes at once would bring you to the chance to get into a muddy color. This would be a disaster for art color balance striving to achieve the lightness and brightness of colors.

Good or bad this art technique will leave you with no chance to stay indifferent. Either you are going to fall in love at first sight or you are going to hate it for good. The choice we made makes us the artists we want to be…

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