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What is watercolor and how to learn to draw with it


Watercolor drawings onto quality watercolor paperWatercolor. It becomes drawing technique with special water-soluble dyes. Dyes create a transparent veil of light colors. An effect of lightness and color transition.

Firstly watercolor technique has an unlimited number of possibilities for combining colors. Also shapes and volumes ways of applying dyes.

In additon most characteristic for this painting technique consists of velatour applying of colors. Applying transparent layers of watercolor spots. Accumulate on top of each other and build spaces, volumes and shades.

In short other ways for drawing with watercolor are. Contrast of already blurred spots. Also very sharp drawn contours. Drawing onto dry and wet paper. Creating coloured spots with various kinds of density. Blurring of all shades. Using different types of paper and brushes.

Also watercolor paper must have a bit rough surface. When water applied onto the paper surface it spreads evenly. Absorbs from paper texture very fast. Most popular kinds of paper are Whatman and Bristol.
Usually an artist moists the paper beforehand. This might be done with a spacial frame. Onto which the particular sheet of paper stretches very steadily. Similarly this way paper can get moist from the opposite side. A balanced level of moist maintains during the whole drawing process.

The simplest and easiest way

is to moist a sheet of paper onto glass board. It is going to prevent fast drying of the paper surface.

Nowadays contemporary watercolor dyes gets quite complex as a consistency.

As an additional component to watercolor pigments. Such as a binder. As well as freely water-soluble gum arabic. Also dextrin substrance is used. Glycerin and invert sugar are also included. Retain very well moistured. Without these ingredients dyes would get dry very fast. Also it becomes very fragile.

Watercolor brushes must consists natural textures. They usually have round form in order to absorb more water in itself. At the same time to have a perfect end to make beautiful contours. Likewise also gets tiny fine lines. Of course one can draw with flat brushes if the art idea. Composition allows it (for instance making more wide lines. Drawing to so called ‘dry-brush’ method).
Contemporary artists use all recently developed watercolor pencil and pastel materials.

Accomplishing watercolor technique

– this can be done only with a lot of hours of drawing. Experimenting with different ways of applying colors. And afterall doing compositions. This way an artist could estimate beforehand which of dyes to get in use. And which not. For instance, drawing onto wet paper. Then colors mingle to each other right after brush touches paper surface.

In short onto dry paper when an artists decides which color can blurr to other one. Or may be not. Drawing of vertical easel where all dyes stream down. Sketch the whole painting at once in order to control mixing of all colors and shades. Drawing at paced stages. There an artist needs to wait until a particular watercolor layer dries out so he\she can apply another one. Drawing with very dense dyes from which an artist can remove a bit and this way to implement light in the drawing…
And of course inspiration, artistic scent, artistic feeling and a good composition idea for drawing a watercolor.


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