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How to choose watercolor media for non professionals – Part 1


Watercolor drawings onto quality watercolor paper

How to choose watercolor media only as admirers or non professionals? Therefore here are some nice basic tips for those who want to make a lovely afternoon art!

If you are a kind of person who is interested in painting, but not professionally involved in you need to create beautiful art or to create something with your own hands and mind. In order to use color as a therapy, to get away from gray everyday life I suggest you to meet one of Art media used in this type of art. Indeed that is watercolor.

Try to make a lovely wall decor for your living room!

How to learn what this art media is made from?

It consists of fine ground pigments associated with arabic gum and glycerin which acts as a moisturizer. Practically this is what includes watercolor itself. Still there is one significalnt difference which distinguishes this art media from other paint artistic means. After all this is the transparent dye layer.

How Art watercolor looks like?

Usually when you visit a store for drawing media and instruments you will find a wide range of colors and different varieties of watercolor. Aquarelle can perform in tubes or blocks or gouache. On one hand in tubes paint is thicker and very suitable to cover large surface areas. It becomes real thanks to a thin coat of paint. On the other hand watercolor blocks are semi-moist and can be purchased in sets, Of course you can purchasethem individually as well. And last but not least gouache is an opaque watercolor media. Its pigments associates with gum arabic and contains in its mixture chalk. When the paint gets dry it gives that opaque matt layer.

What watercolor brushes to use?

In particular there is a huge selection of paint watercolor brushes. For sure you must select a good brush if you want outstanding results! Need gently to handle the paint. Experience good materials in order to experience a good drawing. For instance sable hair brushes are the best for watercolor drawing. Its hair is elastic and rubbery. Its life does last for longer. It is a unspeakable pleasure to work with such an art instrument. Also we might have animal hair brushes. Most used is ox, squirrel or goat hair. Use one if them when you do not have to work with a thin tip!

All kinds of brushes can vary from flat, round, large to small for details. Natural or artificial. Provide yourself with various types of art watercolor brushes. This way you are going to have a large range or capabilities to achieve best results ever.

Please, stay with me next week to see how to protect and maintain your watercolor brushes in good state for longer period of time! Thank you!




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